A Reintroduction, I suppose!

I created this page in 2014 with the intention of using it as a supplement to my Booktube. I would turn to writing when my voice didn’t feel strong enough, or I would write book reviews here in lieu of filming them.

Yeah, no. I wrote one “hello, here I am!!” post and then ghosted this page for nearly 3 years, even though this webpage pulls up on page 1 of Google if you search “whittynovels” (which *ahem* obviously I don’t do). In my head, it was a great idea, but I was vastly uninformed about how to actually operate a blog. Literally. I didn’t understand WordPress in the slightest.

Now, three years later, armed with a college-freshman-leveled website design class and a passion to continue talking about books even though my YouTube days have fizzled off (more on that later, probably), here I am! Again! Nothing much has changed. It’s still 1 AM and i’m writing this blog post instead of going to sleep for work at 9 AM (Ayyy!!! Can someone tell 17 year-old Whitney who started this blog that she would have a 2-year job the next time she posted?).

I will admit that I have a lot more to learn about blogging. What do people do? What posts are regular? Do ya’ll do book hauls here? What content is the most engaging for people to see? Do I have to become a photographer overnight to supplement posts with beautiful images? How much of this job is writing versus making everything look aesthetically pleasing? I have a whole new set of ropes to learn, and I feel like I’m going to embrace that challenge pretty well. One door closes, another one opens.

I will continue to hope that throughout this journey, you will learn to embrace my written voice as much as my actual voice (or rather, my recorded voice. because videos. ok, you get it). My posting may be clunky or uninspired or irregular along the way, but I’d like to thank you in advance if you’ve at least made it to the bottom of this page!

As always, I hope you have a gorgeous day. Thanks for sticking around. (Or if you’re new here, thanks for showing up.)

xoxo Whitney


14 thoughts on “A Reintroduction, I suppose!

  1. It’s good to see you trying out this blogging thing☺Starting a blog is terrifying haha I had no idea what the heck I was doing when I started out. I know you’ll end up doing great


  2. *looks around nervously* pretty photos, what are they 😂

    Hope you love starting up a blog! It was one of the best desicions I’ve made and the community is super awesome 😊 Also yes to all the hauls, tags, wrap ups, reviews! Everything that goes on booktube translates pretty well into a blog 😊


  3. I’m crying because I obviously can’t read time stamps and commented on your first post… from 3 years ago. Fails, fails everywhere.

    When it comes to content, I’ve noticed that people really love lists of books. Wrap ups, tags (usually from youtube, whoops), and hauls/unhauls are pretty big, too. Personally, I try to set up one day a week to just schedule a bunch of posts and leave slots open for reviews. HAVING SAID ALL THAT, welcome to the blogging community and I’m so glad you’ve decided to stick around!


  4. Welcome to the community, Whitney!! <3 We pretty much do everything you see on BookTube, just a lot more prettier. ;)



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